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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Free and Responsive Template Framework For Joomla ( Must Read For Joomla Developers )

More people browse the internet using mobile devices now a days. So all websites are converting to responsive layout. As a joomla website developer its an challenge to make the website looks good in all devices. As a solution an responsive template framework can save a lot of time. For Joomla there is a lot of template framework. Actually all template clubs developed their own template framework to increase the productivity. Today i will list them in this post. I will not tell a lot of things about these templates but you can see them all in a line, that can help you. For detailed features and more information visit the documenation of these Responsive Template Framework For Joomla.

I hope you all heard of rockettheme. Yes rockettheme is a very popular joomla template club. Now Gantry is the framework they built and all their amazing templates are built using Gantry Framework.

Template Framework built with Bootstrap & LESS, powered by YOU !!! Yes the best framework by Joomlart. Very well-coded and has tons of features. Perfect for your next project.

Gavick presented this amazing template framework to everyone for free. It has a lot of features. Very easy to customize the layout, typography and color schemes. Supports google fonts and very seo friendly. Try it you , i am sure you will love it. Because Gavern is one of the best responsive template framework for joomla.

This feature-rich template framework is build by Themexpert, an rising template club. I personally used this framework for my projects and i found it really great. It has a lot of customization options. Designing an responsive joomla template is very easy with this frame work.

The S5 Vertex Framework is a set of functionality that creates the core logic and structure of a template. The purpose of the S5 Vertex framework is to unify the layouts, designs, and functions that Shape5 has built over the years to create one of the most flexible, robust and powerful template blue prints available!  Start building your new sites on Vertex Today!

Well i just tested this framework on my localhost but i do not like it so much. Its offers the following features.
Typographies, Performance Optimization, Mobility, UTILITIES like Date Notifier, Font Resizer, Lazy Loading, Logo, To Top Button, Breadcrumb, Analytics, System Message, Copyright, MENU, Flexible Menu, Dropline menu, Different LAYOUT

Warp template framework is developed by Yootheme. A very nice template framework with Responsive features. I have used this framework most of the time for my projects. Using this responsive joomla template framework you can create amazing templates.

Helix Framework - Powerful templates framework to develop Joomla base website faster !

This nice framework is developed by JoomShaper They build amazing templates using this framework. I have also tested this framework. Its feature rich , easy to customize and very easy. I will test this tonight, you can do the same. Sure it can be a greate template framework for your website.

So this is the list. I have removed the construct framework from this list because they do not have any demo page. As a freelancer web developer. I have worked with this templates. From my experience expect JV framework , all other framework is very good. Personally i like Yootheme Warp Framework and Gavern Framework. A lot of people like Gantry and JAT3 framework but i found them not so easy to customize. The new "less" feature is  not so helpful it think.  All these template framework in responsive. So i am sure they will help you to build your imagination. Enjoy